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The 'Masters' at Bicester Blue Fins are a competitive swimming squad. Swimmers are expected to compete in a minimum number of open meets each season, and maintain a specified attendance rate. To qualify as a 'Masters' swimmer you only need to be over 25 years of age. Masters’ competitions are organised in five-year age bands, from 25-29 and upwards as required. The oldest age group result so far is from the 100-104 group! Many competitions also include an 18-24 age group.


  • Attendance minimum 85% month on month (dispensation for adult lifestyle, work commitments, Family etc)
  • 2 sessions (2.5 hours)
  • Compete 4 open meets minimum
  • National Masters compulsory either LC/SC
  • Club Champs Compulsory (1 event minimum)
  • One regional/district level meet
  • One other open meet
  • Attendance at league matches/counties

Training Times

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If you are interested in swimming with The Bicester Blue Fins Masters and want further details on our criteria, please email 

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